Monday, November 2, 2009

PIXSID Vidcasts

PIXSID's debut album Atoms Apart officially launches the duo formed from the year long musical collaboration of instrumental hip-hop artist Dj Sid-the Apocalypze (USA) and cybervocalist Pixieguts (Australia). In these two vidcasts, the band members talk separately on either sides of the world about the making of the album...


Watch video at YouTube


Watch video at YouTube

The album flows like a soundscape blending vocal and instrumental tracks with shades of trip-hop for a deep downtempo ride. With influences like Portishead, Dj Cam, Funki Porcini, HipGnosis and Morcheeba, it has a uniquely funky dreamy vibe. Available on disc and digital download.

Guest artists: Adrian Carter (remix of 'Lullaby', UK), Andrei Masliev (lyrics on 'The Sea', Canada) and Dj Crimson Death (album mastering, Canada).